4 Ways to increase email open rates

Ash Bryant
June 2020

Your email list is one of the most valuable marketing tools for your business. It is your email list that you can reach out to your customers on a personal level and share with them insights into your all your brands products and services. When you have a flourishing email list, it makes sales easier as well as developing relationships with your customers easier.

Your brand may have the longest list of leads anywhere and the best content, however if your emails are not getting viewed, the chances are you’re not going to get very far. This article will take you through some clever hacks and tricks that you can implement to get more of your emails read!

By following these four steps your brand can start converting more of your leads into paying customers. It is important to ask yourself the most important question when starting an email campaign: What makes an email campaign successful?

What makes an email campaign successful?

There are many ways to measure the success of an email campaign, however there are two factors which stand out every time: Open rates (the focus of this piece); and Click through rates. Whilst open rates are critical to comprehend, there is also much ad value in looking at your click through rates and how your readers are responding to your emails overall. Statistically speaking, when it comes exclusively to open rates, having an open rate of around 25 percent is satisfactory, whereas as 44 percent is deemed extremely successful.

To put open rates in perspective, the highest click through rates recorded in the Unites States were 45 percent and the lowest was around 9 percent. If your emails getting click through rates of over 44 percent then you are in the top performing group, however if you are nearer to 9 percent, then you are in the lower group.

It is important to look through email click through rates in conjunction with open rates. Click through rates, which are just as significant to track as open rates, can tell you a great deal about the success of your EDM campaign. The industry standard for click through rates is approximately 24 percent. If you are achieving this figure, then congratulations! 24 percent is still a number that can be improved on though as it will increase your chances of those clicks turning into actual sales and actual profits.

Get More Emails Delivered to Inboxes Using a double opt-in

by implementing a double opt-in it ensures that your leads are accurately entering their personal details without errors. Double opt-ins also aid you to attract your most loyal leads and helps to eliminate those who are not interested in signing up.

Get your address whitelisted

Upon registering for your list, remind your subscribers to add your email address to their trusted address book. This will help to avoid your email going straight to the spam/junk folder.

Remove inactive emails

If a subscriber doesn’t open one of your emails three to five times in a row it is a smart move to delete them. There is no point paying to have them in your list if they are not keen, or if your emails are going into the dreaded spam folder. Email providers are astute and use open rates to determine if your email address is spamming or legit.

Make your Emails Multi-Device Friendly

Email open rates on mobile phones have grown by an enormous 180 percent in just over three years. If your emails are not mobile friendly, then you are without a doubt missing out on a golden opportunity for your brand to acquire new customers. Around 55 percent of emails in total are read on mobile devices. If your email is not optimized for mobile devices, it is most common that it will end up in the trash. Research has found that 70 percent of emails not optimized for mobile devices were deleted immediately.

Craft the Perfect Subject Line

The subject line of your email is critical when it comes to getting your email opened and read! 64 percent of email subscribers said that they are more likely to open an email because of who it’s from not the contents, however 47 percent said they would be more likely to open an email because of the subject headline. Here is a statistic breakdown of reasons for opening an email: 64 percent will open an email due to the sender, 47 percent will open an email due to the headline, 26 percent will open an email due to the offer, coupon code or discount, 14 percent will open an email due to the introductory paragraph. These statistics are extremely important to consider when creating your email marketing campaign. Having a strong subject headline is really going to ensure your open rates skyrocket and help earn your business more profits/customers as a result. To help you create the perfect subject/headline, here are a few tips.

Subject lines that have 6 to 10 words have the highest open rates

Research found that subject headlines that contained around 8 words were found to be the most opened. Subject headlines that contained over 16 words performed the worst. Long headlines get cut off by email providers making them hard to read.

Personalized subject headlines increase open rates by 20%

Using the name of the reader in the title of your email can be an effective way to increase open rates. Email is a great way to get personal with your customers, and by adding their name to the subject header you can leave a lasting impression.

Use Buzzwords

Studies have also found that using buzzwords in your subject headlines can help to improve open rates. Buzzwords are industry specific so go out and find some for your business!

Avoid words related with spam

While there are buzz words that can help to get your emails opened, there are words that can flag your email as spam. These words are similar to confirm, features and upgrade. When it comes to crafting the ideal headline, your audience is the most important factor to consider. Think about what they would be most interested to read about and then use that as your backbone. In conclusion, creating the perfect headline is crucial to your email open rates, there is no reason that any business/brand should skip out on this when crafting their EDM campaign. Whilst it may take some time to get the hang of it, once you do your brand will reap the rewards of your hard work with higher open rates and subsequently more sales.

Article By:
Ash Bryant

Being the Founder & Head Of Growth at Vivid Visuals, Ash Bryant is responsible for leading the team that helps grow businesses faster, better & smarter.

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