Interactive Website Development

  • Industry
    Virtual Reality Tours
  • Location
    Brisbane, Australia
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The Client

ConceptV is a innovative business based in Brisbane, Australia. They help property developers and real estate agents sell their properties with ease, by creating a 3D virtual reality model of the property they are selling, load it into a pair of Virtual Reality goggles which enables potential home buyers to walk through the properties to get a feel for the space, while also being able to customise the houses materials. The major benefit to this is that most property developers have to sell more than 50% of the properties before acquiring funding. So this greatly enhances their ability to sell these properties long before they've even commenced building.

The Problem

Tim - the owner of ConceptV had originally built their website using Wix, which is a very very basic drag and drop DIY website builder - that lacks the features Tim required to help him sell their ideas. Tim wanted to be able to upload some of his Virtual Reality tours to his website, so potential clients of his could go through a demonstration instantly - as opposed to trying to understand exactly what it is ConceptV does - which is very diffifuclt due to the complexity of his services.

The Results

After a few months of Design & Development, ConceptV's new website went live - just in time for their first trade show. Tim and his team were able to demonstrate exactly how his service works by using his website and not having to try and explain it. This has greatly benefited ConceptV - saving them time, while also increasing their sales conversion rates.

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