SAAS Startup Grows Revenue By $2.5M In Under 8 Months

Dux Soup

The Problem

Dux-Soup is a SAAS company that helps business owners reach out to other business owners in an automated fashion on Linked in. Dux-Soup was the first SAAS company to offer this product and is used by business owners all around the world. Dux-Soup had spectacular organic growth, going from $0 to $1M/ Year in recurring revenue without any paid advertising. However Dux-Soup’s growth came to a halt and it was clear they needed to get online and start using paid marketing to continue their growth.

The Solution

Since Dux-Soup was launched (2016) a massive amount of competitors popped up on the scene and began to heavily invest in digital marketing. Many of these brands had gained massive brand awareness and had thousands of users going to google each month searching for Dux-Soup’s competitors. We came up with a strategy to run Google Ads that showed up when users would search for Dux-Soup’s competitors and we’d simply outbid them, ensuring Dux-Soup would be the top result whenever anyone searched for their competitors. We also needed to incorporate re-targeting for Dux-Soup, making sure that everyone that visited Dux-Soup’s website and didn’t convert would be shown ads all across the internet, encouraging them to sign up to Dux-Soup.

The Results

Since implementing these simple marketing strategies, we managed to take Dux-Soup’s revenue from $1M to $3.5M in under 8 months. We continue to use these strategies and Dux-Soup is still experiencing wild growth, even with competitors popping up left right and center.

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