Electrical Business Gets 400 New Customers In 60 Days

ITA Electrical

The Client

ITA Electrical is a reputable electrician businesses located in Melbourne, Australia. They offer their services to Residential, Commercial and Industrial clients. They offer their services within a set perimeter of Melbourne, ensuring they can provide a fast service, being able to travel to their customers within 45 minutes.

The Problem

Mike from ITA Electrical had informed us that they weren't doing any paid advertising, they were only acquiring their customers through their SEO efforts. We told Mike that it's great they're getting a large amount of customers from SEO, but there was a limited amount of users they were reaching, so in order to scale the business to new heights, they needed to employ a paid marketing strategy, one that would bring in a consistent flow of customers on a daily basis. After a long discussion with Mike, we found a gap in the market, no other electrical business was running ads during 7:00PM to 5:00AM - the late night emergency period. As you're probably aware, this is the time slot where people run into electrical emergencies and need immediate help with a problem, so the users searching google for electrical businesses during this time slot have a very High Intent and are also willing to pay a premium for fast service.

The Results

We decided to run Google Ads, that showed up when a user in their service proximity would search for an electrician on Google during the emergency time slot. We ensured these ads would only appear during this time period. We made sure we had an ad extension that had a 'Call Now' button, meaning users could call ITA electrical right from the Google search ad. Below are the results from the first 60 days we have been running this campaign.

  • $10,000 Spend on Google Ads
  • 29% Call Rate
  • 60% Contact Rate
  • 440 new Customers in 60 Days
  • $198,000 Revenue from new Customers
  • $106,000 Profit from new Customers

By continually running these ads during the emergency period, we have seen significant growth in ITA Electricals revenue and a large influx in additional customers. ITA Electrical has extended our marketing contracts so we can continue to run these Google Ads and provide them with such a significant increase in customers and revenue.