Property Investment Firm Gets 34 New Customers In 1 Month

National Property Insights

The Client

National Property Insights is a unique Property Investment Firm located in Brisbane, Australia. Unlike most property investment forms that just sell sell sell, National Property Insights takes a unique approach, by providing their customers with cash flow positive investments that are backed by hard research and in depth data analysis, they truly put their customers best interests first - which is rare for a property investment firm. We met Daniel in person where we discussed what we do and how we can help his firm get more customers and help increase their revenue by promoting their unique approach to their target demographic.

The Problem

Daniel had never done any digital marketing prior to engaging with us. He wasn't properly educated on digital marketing and didn't quite understand the benefits until we met. We explained that you truly can't scale a business efficiently without Marketing and it plays the most important role in terms of producing revenue.

The Results

With National Property Insight's unique approach to sourcing investment properties for their clients, we decided to put great emphasis on this throughout all Marketing platforms and used it as their USP (unique selling point). We started off by gathering as much data on their demographic as we could, from there we ran a Facebook ad campaign that targeted this demographic and touched on their pain points - which was mainly financial security and being able to make a passive income during their retirement. We also ran re-targeting ads to all of their previous website traffic and also made a LLA (lookalike audience) and ran these ads to those users too. Within the first week we managed to bring in 120 leads, 7 of which become customers in the coming months.

  • $9,400 Spent on Facebook Ads
  • 120 Leads obtained in 7 days.
  • 412 Leads over the first month.
  • 34 Customers in 60 days.
Free Strategy Session
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We're so confident in our abilities to help grow businesses, that we're offering 30 minutes of our time to outline exactly how to grow your business utilising powerful marketing strategies.

  • Deep Business Audit
    We'll take a deep dive into your business and see what you're currently doing to get more customers, how this can be improved and also seeing if there are any mistakes you're making that's costing you customers.
  • Competitor Breakdown
    We'll analyse and audit every one of your major competitors and breakdown why they are more successful than you, see where their customers come from and ultimately why customers are choosing them over you.
  • Proven Marketing Strategy
    We'll outline the platforms you need to be marketing on and the strategies you need to employ using our time tested and proven strategies to reach your business goals.
  • Sales Exploding Blueprint
    Once we look at your existing offerings and marketing, we'll come up with a sales exploding growth blueprint that will take you from where you are now to reaching your business goals in the shortest time possible.

Please Note:
This strategy session usually costs business owners around $1000, however we've made it free to help Australians through this tough time. Many of the businesses we speak to are so impressed with the strategies we come up with, that they actually end up asking to become a client.