Building Designer Grew Revenue By 60% During a Pandemic

Synergy Building Design

The Problem

Synergy Building Design is Brisbane's leading luxury building designer. Having won 20+ awards in the past 3 years and designed over 1000 luxury homes, Synergy has a brilliant reputation throughout Brisbane and relies heavily on word of mouth. The team at Synergy had realised they are the leading Building Design firm in Brisbane and wanted to increase their prices and work on more high end projects. The team also wanted to move away from being 100% reliant on word of mouth due to it’s insecurity and inability to scale on command.

The Solution

After many strategy meetings with the Synergy team, we agreed that the best approach would be to position them as an expensive luxurious Building Designer, we did this by creating a brand new, 100% custom website that gives a luxurious vibe and only show case their luxurious projects. We also agreed that they need to be ranked highly on Google to get a consistent flow of organic traffic each and every month. In the interim we agreed that we should focus on Google Ads while we wait for the SEO results to really kick in.

The Results

2 Months since the website went live and Coronavirus came. Everyone in the building industry took a major hit and most businesses that relied purely on word of mouth began to struggle. Not synergy, in only 2 months Synergy climbed from the 100th position up to the top 4 for high intent keywords that get over 1200 monthly searches in Brisbane alone. Since Synergy has taken these new positions in Google they have had the busiest period in their 17 years of business… during a global pandemic.