How To Improve Employee Productivity

There is a saying among business owners, ‘a happy employee is a productive employee’ time and time again, studies have proven this statement to be true. Studies have found that when employees are happy/joyful, it can help to boost their productivity by 10-12%. This may not seem like much, but over time this can lead to huge results for your business, plus, if every employee is feeling happy your business could improve its productivity by over 100%.

Happy employees are also much more likely to stick around longer and are likely to cost you less in the long run, this is why it is instrumental to develop a happy corporate culture among employees. To create a happy office environment that promotes productivity, below are 6 easy steps to engage with:

Clear vision

When your vision is clear, it allows all of your staff to be motivated as they are on the same page as you. Knowing their role and knowing what needs to be worked towards will be critical in ensuring jobs are done efficiently and effectively. Psychologists also tell us that having a well-defined goal set business wide and employee specific helps to evoke feelings of self-discipline and builds a stronger work ethic and culture.

Be Open
Offices tend to love a good rumour, and if one that is very scandalous is passing it around it can affect employee productivity but also cause a negative corporate culture which is detrimental to staff happiness.  Be open with your employees and a trusting relationship will be developed, staff will be more likely to bring up issues and therefore will feel more happy and secure in their environment of work.

Flexible Hours The 9 to 5 workday is slowly fading out of existence, especially with the COVID-19 outbreak. Employees might be happier to work their own hours from home, as long as you feel comfortable that they will be working productively. Working from home has been proven to increase happiness and therefore equate in a higher quality of work.

Work from Home
Very similar to above, however if you instill a mandatory work from home policy you are more likely to attract free spirited employees which will ultimately lead to a business where the employees are productive, yet relaxed.

Reduce Meetings
There is nothing worse than a meeting, you know I’m right! Your employees hate them too... to increase staff happiness levels and see a rise in productivity perhaps record meetings for staff to watch in their own time, if they are feeling up to it. If it is a critical meeting reduce the unneeded details and get straight to the point to ensure concentration levels stay at an optimum level.

Casual Dress Code
Work clothes are sometimes needed, that is a given, however, if an employee does not have a meeting on a certain day consider letting them wear casual dress. If they are wearing comfortable clothes, it is more likely that they will feel comfortable in the workplace which will lead to both productivity but also collaboration among staff as a more comfortable corporate culture makes its way around the office.  It goes without saying that each business will require different strategies to improve the productivity of employees,choose the ones that are right for your company and watch your productivity levels rapidly increase!

Ash Bryant

Ash Bryant is the Founder & Director of Vivid Visuals. He is responsible for managing the kick ass team at Vivid Visuals and ensuring clients are getting the best results possible.