Shopify store increases sales by 140% with new website design & conversion rate optimisation

Website Build + Conversion Rate Optimisation

Hair Beauty Ink is one of Australia's leading hair & beauty stores that services both wholesale clients, such as salons and hairdressers, as well as the retail market, selling products to the end consumer.

Increase in monthly sales
Conversion rate
Increase in orders
Faster load speed


Hair Beauty Ink has been operating in the digital space for a number of years. However time and time again they have been let down by marketing agencies and marketing freelancers. Which has resulted in a stagnant growth of online sales.

A client introduced us to Hair Beauty Ink, as they were on the hunt for someone, or a team that could help grow their sales online.

What was the problem that needed solving?

After conducting an initial audit of Hair Beauty Ink, we noticed their conversion rate was very low. This was due to a few things

  • Poor quality website design
  • Very slow load time
  • Not optimised for conversions
  • Provided a poor user experience
  • Browsing the store was not a fun experience for users

Our methodology with ecommerce brands is to always start with optimising the online store (website).

This is so that once we start driving more traffic to the website, we know that the traffic will actually convert into sales. - As well as ensuring we get the most bang for our buck down the line.

By improving the conversion rate of your website, you will massively increase your sales - without having to acquire any additional traffic.

How did we craft a solution to this problem?

We began an in-depth audit of their market, making note of their top competitors.

We went through each of their competitors websites and noticed that they all provided a brilliant user experience, meaning that browsing through the online stores was engaging, due to nice imagery, aesthetic design elements as well as a strong focus on providing meaningful user experiences (Showing the right things at the right time).

We made a note of the essential elements that improve the conversion rate of an online store, and used this as a design checklist:

  • Improve overall design of website (Structure, elements, fonts, colours etc)
  • Improve user experience (clearer buttons, easier navigation etc)
  • Optimise for loading speed
  • Improve mobile layout
  • Optimise product pages for conversions
  • Redesign home page

What was the process?

We use a structured approach when it comes to designing online stores. Here's how we do it.

  1. Audit of existing website
  2. Competitor research
  3. Create checklist of requirements
  4. Create draft of user experience (Flow of website)
  5. Begin designing layout of each page (Home, Category, Product, Cart)
  6. Design navigation bar that's easy to use
  7. Create new content where needed
  8. Conversion rate optimisation (Offers, button colours, CTAs, etc)

What was the end outcome?

Here's what we were able to achieve:

  • 141% Increase in monthly sales
  • 3.18% Conversion rate
  • 210% Increase in monthly orders
  • 4x Faster load speed
(Analytics after new site was live for 30 days)
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