If You're Looking For A Digital Marketing Agency That Guarantees Results, You're In The Right Place

Yes, you read that right, we guarantee results or we work for free. We're a digital marketing agency in Australia focused on one thing and one thing only, to help grow your business and take it's revenue to heights you've never seen before through effective digital marketing.

Here's WHAT We Do
Website Design On Phones

We Build Your Business a Money Making Website

We create pixel perfect websites from scratch that put your business into the best light and showcase your best work.

Google SEO On Phones

We Direct Highly Qualified Traffic To Your Website

We send highly qualified traffic to your website by ensuring you show up on Google for high intent searches.

Lead Generation Form On Phones

We Convert That Traffic Into High Quality Leads

Our team focuses on converting your website traffic into leads at the highest possible conversion rate.

Email Marketing On Phones

We Nurture These Leads Into Ready To Buy Prospects

We create a sequence of automated, highly personalised emails that turn your leads into ready to buy prospects.

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Custom home builder went from getting a maximum of 3 project enquiries per month in 2019 to getting 30+ project enquiries each and every month consistently in 2020
Free Strategy Session
Want a free $1000
Tailored marketing strategy For your business?
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We're so confident in our abilities to help grow businesses, that we're offering 30 minutes of our time to outline exactly how to grow your business utilising powerful marketing strategies.

  • Deep Business Audit
    We'll take a deep dive into your business and see what you're currently doing to get more customers, how this can be improved and also seeing if there are any mistakes you're making that's costing you customers.
  • Competitor Breakdown
    We'll analyse and audit every one of your major competitors and breakdown why they are more successful than you, see where their customers come from and ultimately why customers are choosing them over you.
  • Proven Marketing Strategy
    We'll outline the platforms you need to be marketing on and the strategies you need to employ using our time tested and proven strategies to reach your business goals.
  • Sales Exploding Blueprint
    Once we look at your existing offerings and marketing, we'll come up with a sales exploding growth blueprint that will take you from where you are now to reaching your business goals in the shortest time possible.

Please Note:
This strategy session usually costs business owners around $1000, however we've made it free to help Australians through this tough time. Many of the businesses we speak to are so impressed with the strategies we come up with, that they actually end up asking to become a client.

Free Report Reveals

How To Flood Your Business With Traffic, Leads And Sales

This Free Report reveals the secret 3 step strategy we use to help our clients explode their sales. Download it now, before your competitors get a copy...

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Why Choose

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At Vivid Visuals we understand just how competitive and cut-throat business can be. We understand that in order to survive and flourish you need a kick ass team that's focused on tangible results, not vanity metrics. That's why we're not just about traffic and impressions. We can generate all the traffic in the world, but if no sales are generated, then what's the point? We focus purely on getting you more customers.

We work closely with all members of your team, conduct countless hours of market research and perform endless split testing to develop an offer for your business that is simply irresistible for your target market. Then, we create a digital marketing system that provides you and your sales team with a reliable, consistent stream of highly qualified leads that are begging to do business with you.

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Over 400 Leads delivered in under 6 months, resulting in our first home sales agent client helping over 50 Australians purchase their first home.
Worth Over $1000

Claim Your 100% Free Tailored Marketing Strategy That Will Explode Growth Even During a Pandemic

You'd have to be declared clinically insane to pass down this offer. We'll literally show you how your competitors are getting their traffic and leads, we'll devise a growth plan and a marketing strategy that is tailored for your business and walk you through the whole thing.

Marketing Strategy On Paper

A Digital Marketing Agency For The New Era

The Digital Marketing Agency space is filled with fakers and frauds. There are so many Digital Marketing Agencies that are just looking to take your money and provide you with poor performing marketing services.

Vivid Visuals is not like the others. You see, we actually pride ourselves in our work and our ability to pull in traffic, leads and sales like a vacuum cleaner on steroids. Our Digital Marketing Agency works closely with you and your team to provide marketing services that are guaranteed to grow your business.

When you choose our Digital Marketing Agency, gone are the days of using poor performing Marketing Agencies, gone are the days of spending bucket loads of cash but getting nothing in return.

Our Clients

Some Of Our Clients

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do You Charge?

Asking this question is a bit like asking how much does a car cost. We understand every business is different, so a marketing package for a multi national business obviously wouldn't suit a small, local business. If you're looking for a cheap, low budget marketing agency then we're probably not the best fit.

Our marketing agency offers extremely effective marketing services that always increase revenue and we do this with a positive ROI. It's quite simple, every dollar you spend with us you will see a return on. So for us to price our services at a low cost doesn't really make sense.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. If a marketing agency is only charging your business $750 a month, then the services you're getting are most likely going to be trash... as well as the results.

Although we can't explicitly say how much we charge (as everything is customised) our most common marketing packages range from $2,000 - $5,000 per month.

Can You Guarantee Results?

Our digital marketing agency guarantees results for all of our services. Before signing the contract and getting started, we set very clear KPI's with yourself to set the expectations and ensure both parties are happy. We are one of the only digital marketing agencies that offers a performance guarantee.

It's simple, if we don't make your business money, then you don't pay us. Vivid Visuals is a straight forward digital marketing agency that doesn't follow the 'churn and burn' style approach that so many marketing agencies follow.

Is Your Team Local Or Outsourced?

So many digital marketing agencies outsource their client work to India and other international countries to lower costs and increase their profit margin. Not at Vivid Visuals. Quality work is our main focus and this simply can't be done in cheap labour countries.

Our team is 100% located in Australia. Our team undergoes ongoing training and has a strong passion for producing quality work and continually improving their skills to better service our clients. Our marketing agency only hires the best staff so we can provide the best results for our clients.

What Makes Vivid Visuals Different?

We can carry on and boast about how good our digital marketing agency is, like everyone else, or you can speak to us directly and find out what makes us so special. Our digital marketing agency offers free marketing strategy sessions, why don't you book one in and if you aren't impressed, send us an invoice for the 30-minutes you spent on the phone and we'll pay for your time...

Did we miss your question? Drop us a line and we will get back within 24 hours.