Luxury Building Designer Gets 40+ Project Inquiries Every Month From SEO

Website Build + Search Engine Optimisation (Google SEO)

Synergy Building Design is a team of building designers located in Brisbane, with a strong focus on luxury, and high end residential home designs. Synergy was 100% reliant on referrals for work, and once these dried up during the pandemic, they knew they needed a marketing strategy to provide them with new project inquiries.

40 +
Project inquiries each month
700 +
Clicks each month
15 +
Top 3 search positions
1200% +
Increase in project inquiries


Synergy Building Design has a reputable history of producing some of the best home designs in Australia. With over 25+ design awards won in the past 10 years alone, the team at Synergy are brilliant at what they do.

Synergy had been 100% reliant on referrals to bring them new projects. These referrals ranged from the end customer, to other building professionals such as builders, engineers and town planners referring work to the team at Synergy. However, as the pandemic begun, these referrals pretty much instantly dried up, leaving Synergy with a lack of business and a sharp decline in their revenue.

After being introduced to Synergy via a mutual connection, they explained what had happened, and illustrated their worry that they need to start generating their own leads and inquiries over the next 12 months and beyond, so they are no longer put in a situation like that again.

How did we craft a solution to this problem?

Synergy Building Design had expressed their need of a long term marketing strategy that they could rely on for years to come. They decided that they needed to become independent in a way, and generate their own inquiries.

When a service based business wants to generate leads and enquiries, there are so many different avenues to go down. From Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, and so on, it can be hard to choose a strategy you think can work.

As our team had not worked with a building designer before, we did some market research to identify Synergy's top competitors, and see how they were generating leads and inquiries online. We identified that all of their top competitors were investing heavily in search based marketing. Which in simple terms is showing up online when someone is searching for the services you offer.

Within search based marketing there is Google Ads (Which is when you have to pay Google every time someone clicks on your website) and there is SEO (Search engine optimisation). SEO is when you optimise your website to show up organically when someone searches for your services.During our research, we noticed that the CPC (Cost Per Click) was far too expensive on Google Ads, so we decided to go the organic route, using SEO.

What was the strategy?

Once we decide that the smart play was a long term organic approach, we started our keyword research. So we used our suite of software to find out what the search terms people were using on Google, to find service providers like Synergy Building Design.

We uncovered that there were thousands of monthly searches in Brisbane for search terms relating to people looking for building designers. (This means that each month, thousands of people were searching Google to try and find a designer that could help design their home). So, the strategy was simple. Create a website that would show up when people searched for building designers in Brisbane.

We would then proceed to optimise this website, so that Google's algorithm could easily identify that Synergy Building Design was a team of reputable designers in Brisbane, and that they were a trustworthy authoritative figure in the industry. This optimisation on the website is called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and it includes a massive scope of strategies and tasks, all of which tell Google that Synergy Building Design's website should show up at the top of the search results when someone searches for the services they offer.

There are over 300 different things that Google's algorithm looks at, when it comes to deciding where to rank a website in the search results. So we had our work cut out for us.

  • Create a new website
  • Optimise new website for SEO
  • Get these pages to rank on Google's search results
  • Optimise these pages to rank higher
  • Continue to work on SEO to continually improve and hold top rankings

What was the process?

Using our SEO experience and expertise, we used our proven formulas that helps our clients gain more visibility on Google time and time again. Here's how we do it.

  1. Keyword research (What are people searching)
  2. Create SEO strategy (What keywords to go for)
  3. Create Website Pages (For each service offering)
  4. Technical optimisation (Optimising the web page itself)
  5. Off Page optimisation (Creating online reputation and authority)
  6. Monitor performance and continue to optimise
  7. Top positions on Google are secured after roughly 12 months
  8. Continue optimisation to maintain positions so competitors cannot rank higher

What was the end outcome?

After 12 months of working on Synergy Building Design's SEO, they now rank extremely well on Google. Prior to working with Vivid Visuals their website was getting 0 clicks from people searching for their services, rendering them practically invisible to the thousands of people searching for their services!

Here's what we were able to achieve:

  • 40+ project inquiries consistently, each month
  • 700+ clicks to website each month
  • 15+ top 3 google search positions
  • 1200%+ increase in project inquiries

What made this work so well?

Synergy Building Design's willingness to adopt a long term, organic marketing strategy is what made this work so well. Our SEO team is extremely skilled at what they do, however SEO is a long game - and many businesses simply do not want to wait 12 months to obtain good ranking positions on Google.

Synergy Building Design now has these rankings, and for years and years will continue to show up on Google when people search for their services - without having to spend thousands and thousands each month on advertising plus a marketing agency retainer, they just pay our team a monthly rate to continue to get great results.

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