High Converting Ad Content Created For Lead Generation Campaign

Visual Content Creation

Advertising content that was used in a lead generation campaign during the pandemic. The scope included creating content that was suitable to use for advertising to a luxury market.


During the pandemic, Synergy Building Design had realised that so many consumers were afraid of making large financial commitments, such as getting their new home designed - due to consumers not knowing if they'd have a job next week, and so much uncertainty around the real estate market.

Synergy decided to create a lead generation campaign, that would educate consumers that it was actually a great time to start their home design. Once the ebook was written and created, they needed advertising content. So they came to us.

What was the end outcome?

Here's what we were able to achieve:

  • Engaging mock up presentations of the ebook
  • High CTR (Click Through Rates) on the ads
  • Content suitable for luxury market
  • On brand imagery
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