First Home Facilitator Helped 150+ New Home Buyers Through Facebook Ads

Lead Generation + Website Build

Total First Home Solutions is a first home buyer facilitator based in Brisbane. They help first home buyers get qualified for loans and government grants, then they find land and organise homes to be built for their clients.

Qualified leads each month
Return on ad spend (ROAS)
Average cost per lead
Click through rate on ads


Like many businesses, Total First Home Solutions were reliant on word of mouth and referrals to generate new business. After hearing about their service offering, we reached out to their team and explained how we could help generate a lot of business for them through digital marketing.

What was the problem that needed solving?

As Total First Home Solutions was too reliant on referrals, they were struggling to keep a steady flow of new clients coming in. They required some form of marketing that would bring them new leads and potential clients each month, so they could gain predictibility and consistency in their business.

What was the strategy?

We knew their service offering was going to genuinely help a lot of first home buyers. So we decided to advertise on the platforms first home buyers are on the most... Facebook & Instagram.

We needed to drive new leads, but qualify them as they came in.

So we created a new website for Total First Home Solutions that would better explain their service offering, and also include a form that qualifies the leads that come through. This form would identify whether they were eligible for current government grants, to access no or low deposit homes.

Here's what the strategy entailed:

  • Create a website that would convert traffic
  • Create a form that would qualify leads
  • Create Facebook Ad campaign that targets first home buyers
  • Generate a steady stream of leads
  • Setup an automated email response to great the leads

What was the end outcome?

After running the campaign for the past 9 months here's what we were able to achieve:

  • 150+ clients generated
  • 30x ROAS (Return on ad spend)
  • $12.31 Average cost per lead
  • 3.8% CTR (Click through rate)

(Screenshot of performance of campaign within Facebook Ads Manager)

What made this work so well?

Our ability to create a direct response campaign using Facebook Ads is what made this succeed. The combination of powerful direct response copywriting, with an engaging ad creative that grabs your attention, the campaign performed well, and continues to run.

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